Junior Colour Knits

For this book the concept was to knit the projects in several different colourways and to photograph them on kids of different ages in a very ‘homemade’ or ‘scrapbook’ style. All the photographs were taken by the Mums and Dads of the models and worn with their own clothes. The aim was to achieve an ‘Instagram’ style with the photographs showing kids we knew, from our own extended urban family, enjoying wearing the knits in a very modern way.


I really just want people to have a go and not get too hung up on the colour shown on the pattern, as is so often the case, but to be a bit brave with colour and to experiment. Junior knits are a great place to start with colour – quick to knit and always appreciated by the recipient as a handmade token of affection – the ultimate ‘slow clothes’, recycled and re-loved with each new generation.

Books sold in packs of 5.

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